01 Sep

DreamHost Becomes Anchor Tenant in the ViaWest New Hillsboro Oregon Data Center

By Cameron Larson

HILLSBORO – In the last week ViaWest has made some major moves including signing up DreamHost, a webhosting and cloud provider as the anchor tenant at their New Hillsboro Oregon Data Center.

This is big news for ViaWest because luring an anchor tenant as big as DreamHost is a critical first step for ViaWest’s new data center build and it’s also the turning point where their new data center will start to generate revenue.

ViaWest Datacenter Innovation

Unlike other players in the data center market this is news because, most companies hold off on building a data center until after they’ve secured an anchor tenant, but Viawest chose to go with a speculative build and build their new data center first which is 140,000 square feet in space, in a building which is over 200,000 square feet.

ViaWest has remained a strong company after being acquired by Shaw Communications for over $1 billion dollars last year and their new Brookwood data center in Hillsboro’s Silicon Forest is going to be a major leader in the data center world for years to come.

The Brookwood Data Center is actually ViaWest’s third data center in Oregon and the new generation 4 data center will feature the latest design, reliability and quality which are needed more now than ever in data centers today.

What’s great about ViaWest’s Brookwood data center is that it will feature a more reliable electrical system and their “Super-CRAH” cooling technology which was initially invented for their Lone Mountain data center.

What’s Next For DreamHost?

Besides moving into the new Viawest Data Center, DreamHost is making more moves including consolidating two of its data centers, outsourcing the management of their data center and so much more.

In a recent interview with www.datacenterknowledge.com DreamHost VP Patrick Lane echoed one of the main reasons why his company is moving their operation to ViaWest by saying: “We wanted to focus our internal resources on developing products instead of maintaining our data centers”.

Offering More Value to Their Customers

By moving their internal resources to ViaWest DreamHost can now focus on offering more value added services to their 400,000 strong customer base which also includes close to 2 million websites and almost 800,000 WordPress installations.

If you’re not familiar with Cisco or DreamHost this company is more than just a hosting company, they have also been diving into the world of OpenStack including being a major player in open source projects like Ceph, InkTank and more.

DreamHost is also the anchor tenant at RagingWire’s Ashburn Virginia Data Center since they recognized the need to have a cloud offering on the East Coast which is equivalent to the well-known Amazon Cloud zones.

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