21 Sep

DRaaS – Does Your Business Have Disaster Recovery As A Service?

By Cameron Larson

Disaster Recovery and DRaaS are not new concepts by any means, especially in IT, but for many companies disaster recovery is still a concept they feel is best served with backing up their data to their external hard drives and devices in their offices.

Although backing up data to a hard drive may have been something that disaster recovery professionals advocated 15 years ago the reality is that in today’s world it just makes sense to have your data backed up to cloud services.

Prepare For A Natural Disaster

Besides having DRaaS to insure the safety and security of your data it also makes sense to have this service now for your business in case of a natural disaster.

Thanks to a recent article on smallbusinesscomputing.com we know that the Small Business Administration recently confirmed that over 25 percent of businesses never reopen after a natural disaster takes them down, and 43 percent will close their doors after a catastrophic data loss.

If these facts aren’t grim enough for you, consider this: at least 75 percent of businesses right now don’t have an effective disaster recovery (DR) plan will be gone within three years of a disaster.



More Companies Moving To the Cloud By 2016

Thanks to recent research by Gartner we know that close to one third of companies around the world are going to be replacing their current data backup solutions and many of these organizations will be moving to the cloud.

Why are more companies moving to the cloud for disaster recovery? It all has to do with the complexity and cost of maintaining DR solutions in house including the hiring of qualified capable people to maintain those solutions for you.

Thanks to solutions like Disaster Recover as a Service (DRaas) it’s now easier than ever before for anyone to choose the cloud for disaster recovery and cloud backup.

Some of the new names in the disaster recovery cloud services field also include the most respected names in technology like VMWare VCloud Air, OneCloud and StorageCraft.


DR/Failover Protection

Another benefit of choosing cloud based disaster recovery is that many companies are viewing the cloud as a great data center disaster recovery solution especially since the cloud offers them an excellent DR/failover protection.

This means less minutes of downtime during the year and more up time for all of a company’s resources including its website.

How to Choose the Right Cloud Service for Disaster Recovery

To get started with choosing the right cloud service for disaster recovery you must make sure that the organization offers security solutions that are enterprise grade and uniquely configured to insure that the needs of individual service are handled.

You should also take an inventory and confirm what specific systems are involved with the cloud service and confirm if they are physical or virtual data servers capable of handling all of the most common systems any business is running on including SQL, CRM systems and of course Exchange.

Get Disaster Recovery as a Service for Your Business

To learn more about getting started with Disaster Recovery as a Service (DRaaS) for your business, or to get pricing on cloud services, contact Wavesmith today by calling us at (800) 792-5808 ext 500 or click here to connect with us online.

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