Data Center Support

Our full complement of data center support services includes seamless management of multi-site projects and several other options. 

Flexible and secure customized solutions

Whether you’re looking for migration, implementation or expansion, WaveSmith uses innovative processes and methodology to create flexible and secure customized solutions.

Our full complement of data center support services includes seamless management of multi-site projects and several other options:

  • Data center environment migration
  • Technical equipment implementation
  • Server deployments (cardboard to running)
  • Network design, architecture, and deployment
  • Infrastructure design and build: rack, ladder rack, structured
  • Cabling and DC power plant installation
  • Environment documentation and process development
  • Hardware installation and maintenance

We also offer disaster recovery support, network architecture/support and facility build-out services.

We strive to provide a fully managed IT solution for your production or internal environment by:

  • Reviewing, documenting and reengineering your current data center or colocation environment
  • Installing your server shipment
  • Relocating your entire data center with minimal disruption
  • Infrastructure design and build: rack, ladder rack, structured Cabling and DC power plant installation
  • Designing, building and staffing an onsite customer support center

WaveSmith understands how critical your data center is to the continued success of your business. We also understand that your ability to focus on core competencies is more important than time spent addressing data center issues.

With this in mind, we offer a host of data center support services, including seamless management of multi-site projects.

Protecting your critical IT infrastructure is at the core of WaveSmith’s priorities. Our experts are equipped to manage and execute server migration and relocation projects of all sizes and complexities. We understand your need for in-depth planning and flawless execution, and how a well-conceived plan can enhance your bottom line for years to come.

This is why we do not audition companies without strong track records of success.

We believe there’s no such thing as a minor data center move.

This is why we provide the same level of service to companies needing in-house migration as to those who are making a coast-to-coast move.

Since we are vendor agnostic (no strings attached), we can assist you anywhere, in any colocation or data center facility.

Don’t leave your migration project to chance! The stakes are too high. Let WaveSmith oversee critical changes to your IT infrastructure and provide the expert help you need.

WaveSmith’s project management team has successfully managed software implementation and integration, data center migration and systems implementation projects for customers.

Project management is essential for any data center project to prevent delays, unnecessary expenditures and discrepancies.

The idea behind project management is to place proper structure and standardization to encourage effective communication, avoid responsibility gaps and the duplication of efforts and to achieve efficiency with positive results.

With years of experience in the industry, the WaveSmith project management team will manage and deliver customized data center projects according to your specifications and requirements.

Our dedicated team will follow industry best practices to ensure project delivery excellence.

We are expert project managers with a wide array of services:

  • Software implementation and integration
  • Contractor management
  • Data center migration
  • Systems implementation
  • Delivery & rigging coordination
  • Equipment installation services
  • Data center relocation coordination


WaveSmith can handle it—whether you need a backup power strategy, to migrate or relocate a data center, a simple hardware installation or maintenance of your computer room. We will look after your needs in a systematic and professional way.

Stop worrying and give us a call! We believe in customer satisfaction and will go the extra mile to deliver consistent implementation, effective communication and on-time deliveries within budget.

Solid network design and implementation are keys to an efficient production environment.

This is why WaveSmith provides innovative network architecture and engineering solutions tailored to your environment, budget and timeline. Our Tier 1 network infrastructure and design services incorporate vendor and technology neutral solutions customized to address your specific challenges.

There are growing demands on network infrastructure to meet dynamic business needs. To address these demands, it is essential to have a robust and flexible data center network infrastructure.

WaveSmith can help with innovative network architecture and engineering strategies and on-time deliveries that stay within your budget.

Our energy efficient and cost effective network architecture and implementations do not compromise on performance.

Networking equipment is selected to help you save on power consumption and room space with the use of energy and space saving routing and technology.

We will arrange your data center with maximum rack space and provide minimalist solutions for those hundreds of switches that confuse you.

We provide reliable network infrastructure services in many ways:

  • Network design and implementation
  • Data center design strategies
  • Data center integration
  • Networking monitoring and management
  • Project management
  • Network cabling and system testing 


WaveSmith will deliver a network design with quick turnaround time deliveries and reduce your risk of upgrading to complex data centers. Let us strategically plan your data center network!

When a disaster occurs, we all know it’s too late to start preparing a contingency plan.

The WaveSmith team is trained to assist with development of a business continuity plan that is focused on post-disaster recovery efforts.

Business continuity plans are essential for success, especially due to challenges faced by many IT enterprises today. This “insurance” document addresses production services recovery, internal infrastructure recovery, internal processes and procedures, logistics support and RTO/RPO definition.

Since reliability and dependence on data center services is high in every organization, a solid disaster recovery strategy is important to protect the organization’s confidential information from compromise or loss.

WaveSmith’s trained professionals will ensure that your company has a defined business continuity plan that addresses post-recovery efforts. We will help you create a comprehensive resiliency strategy for all of your business requirements.

In any kind of disaster, our detailed plans will initiate recovery in the event of disruptions experienced in operational functions.


Our business continuity services:

  • Disaster recovery
  • Risk management
  • Business continuity management
  • Data center management & consolidation
  • Facility risk/vulnerability assessments
  • Emergency management


Our experiences with various global clients provide continued learning opportunities and exposure to different industries and approaches. With this knowledge, we are confident that we can serve your business in a way that few telecommunications experts can.