Your website plays a critical role in securing and maintaining customers, so speed and quality matters.

Speed and quality matters

Does your web content delivery seem a little slow? Is your website a major component of your business model? Don’t let performance issues frustrate and drive away your customers!

Let WaveSmith analyze your needs to determine if implementing a Content Delivery Network (CDN) – with massive capacity, global distribution and minimal latency – is right for you.

A CDN positions your content or website across multiple geographically dispersed and redundant servers. This gives you more control of asset delivery and network load and extremely high availability, even with large power, network or hardware outages. Customers will have a better user experience on your website with faster access to content and loading times. And you’ll never have to worry about traffic spikes, slow loading scripts, inadequate web hosts, search engine performance penalties or other performance issues.

We’ll help you determine if a CDN is right for your business:

Like IP, CDN rates are declining, and with a close eye on the market, we will make sure you benefit from our insider knowledge.

WaveSmith will advocate with the provider to ensure both ongoing service delivery and Service Level Agreement (SLA) compliance. It is important to measure whether the CDN continues to provide superior web performance over time.

Our partners in the CDN space include Level3, Internap, Limelight, Highwinds Network Group, and NTTA.