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Cisco Cloud – Learn More about Why the Cisco Cloud Solution Beats the Competition

Cisco Cloud

By WaveSmith 

Last year Cisco dropped a “bomb” on the tech world by announcing that they were acquiring Metacloud, a Pasadena, CA company who specialized in Open-Stack private clouds and this acquisition would soon become Cisco Cloud.

Now that Metacloud has been owned by Cisco for almost one year everyone wants to know how Cisco Cloud is shaping up in comparison to Amazon’s cloud, BlueBox, Platform9 and other private clouds out there.

Why Did Cisco Buy Metacloud?

Cisco’s acquisition of Metacloud immediately provides more choice to their customers by giving them the ability to build their own private clouds on top of Cisco’s UCS equipment.

When news of Cisco’s acquisition of Metacloud hit the Internet Al Sadowski of 451 Research Group said “This gives Cisco another cog in its InterCloud wheel” and many other industry experts agreed that Cisco’s Intercloud gave them the advantage over their competitors.

Other well-known service providers and tech companies quickly followed suit, including HP, who bought Eucalyptus, Verizon purchased Terremark and CenturyLink acquired Savvis.

CISCO Metacloud

Cisco Cloud Vs the Competition

The big difference between Metacloud and the scores of other cloud services out there today is that when you choose Cisco’s cloud, Cisco will actually be managing your own private cloud remotely because everything from the ASR Router, Nexus 9000 Switch and UCS Servers are managed by the expert Cisco Team who also manages all of Metacloud’s private clouds as well.

With Cisco you have the ability to build clouds and or use their Intercloud services plus enjoy secure, portable solutions which can handle workloads of all sizes across “heterogeneous” work environments.

About Cisco Cloud

With Cisco Cloud you will have the total cloud experience, much like Amazon’s Cloud, in that you can easily scale out your private cloud quickly, add additional UCS servers from Cisco, extra white-boxes, storage and so much more.

Although there are competitors out there who offer similar features like Platform9, a remote managed private cloud, Cisco Cloud customers have more features to choose from than other clouds because, Cisco’s goal is to integrate other cloud solutions via their Intercloud and they expect to be a big player in the cloud market for years to come.

Cisco Keeps Moving Forward

Besides their acquisition of MetaCloud last year, Cisco also recently acquired MaintenanceNet, a sales technology company, for $139 million dollars.

This recent acquisition by Cisco will help Cisco’s partners generate more sales tanks to the MaintenanceNet cloud based sales software platform.

MaintenanceNet is unique because its software will actually study a partners service contracts, then find out which need to be paid, are overdue, or have to be renewed, plus it will also let you know which customers are not currently buying, plus what other Cisco products they might be interested in buying as well.

The acquisition of MaintenanceNet will certainly help Cisco partners discover more “low hanging fruit” business opportunities and hand incoming Cisco CEO Chuck Robbins a major advantage when he takes over his new position in the coming weeks.


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